Songs of 2020

Over the year I attempted to make Spotify playlists each month of the songs that I re/discovered or liked, or simply resonated with me in some way.

These aren’t necesarally new songs – but they might be new to me. Or they might just be older songs I’ve always liked and have simply rediscovered.

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April 2020 Mixtape

Each month I try and save songs that are sticking around in my head into a Spotify Playlist to come back to later. They’re not necessarily new songs – just songs I’m enjoying a lot at the time.

So what made the cut this month?

All This Time by The Heartless Bastards

I stumbled on this while rewatching the first season of Friday Night Lights

Black Hole Sun by Katie Noonan

We’ve been going on a bit of a Katie Noonan binge at home at the moment and had somehow missed when she did this cover. It is purely divine.

Rock Island Line by Lonnie Donegan

I’ve been reading Your Song Changed My Life and this song was mentioned as a key driver in getting Jimmy Page to pick up a guitar. It’s an old country/skiffle song but it really drive’s along – and you can hear an early precursor to rock and roll as it goes.

The Wanton Song by Led Zeppelin

Somehow I’d never quite listened to all of Physical Graffiti before – and this was a welcome surprise. A ballsy riff that I can’t quite get my head around, but love anyway.

My Headache is Getting Worse by Raised As Wolves

The new single from a Wollongong punk band (fronted by one of our favourite Barista/Bartender’s, ‘Rock Star’ Brad) – this is fun, catchy and just rough and real enough to keep your attention.

Confide by Whisperer

I stumbled across this EP last year and had forgotten about it for a time – only to be reminded this month how awesome it is.

Bunny by Screamfeeder

Screamfeeder were meant to be touring the Australian East Coast in May to celebrate the re-release of Take You Apart – but sadly that won’t be happening. But that hasn’t stopped me from enjoying the album.

That’s it for me – what have you been listening to in April?