Mixtape: February 2021

Last year I started off trying to compile mixtapes/playlists each month of songs that I’ve been listening to. They might be new releases but (more) often are old songs I’ve re/discovered.

A few thoughts on this month’s tracks…

  • I’m not sad about the journeymen of alternative music (Weezer and Foo Fighters) releasing new music.
  • Fly United by Amon Düül II is a song I discovered watching the (weird but wonderful) film High-rise. The song sits underneath a freak-out of weird dancing, violence and other escalations as the residents of a high-rise building slowly lose it…
  • Toss the Feathers by The Corrs is a real throwback to my youth – I remember LOVING it – and now my daughters have discovered it too (buoyed by their love of Riverdance).
  • Despite have great love for Pearl Jam and Soundgarden – it is only recent that I’ve started appreciating Alice in Chains.